We offer a broad range of services to help diagnose, manage and treat your pets. 

Examination and Consultation

Complete physical exam from head to tail and consultation with our veterinarians to discuss diagnostic, management and treatment options for your pets.


Keeping your pet up to date with their vaccinations helps to  protect them against preventable diseases.

Laboratory Testing

In-clinic and laboratory testing for blood, urine and stool testing for wellness and diagnosis.


Digital radiographs available in-clinic including dental radiographs and ultrasound.

In-Clinic Treatments

Hospitalization during business hours for professional monitoring and care including injectable and oral treatments. 


In-clinic and laboratory examination of ear debris, skin scrapings, etc.



Conveniently located in-clinic for dispensing prescription diets, medications and preventative treatments for your pets.


General anesthetic and sedation procedures - including spays/neuters, mass removals, etc. We also offer laser surgery.

Dental Care

Complete oral health assessment and treatment including tips to keep your pets' teeth clean and procedures such as scaling, polishing and teeth extractions.

Laser Therapy

Used to aid in reducing pain, healing time and inflammation associated with joint, nerve and soft tissue pain. 


Used to aid in reducing pain associated with joint, nerve and soft tissue pain. 

Nutritional Consultation

Help with transitioning to a new diet for your growing pet, manage weight and/or newly diagnosed or progressive disease.

Diabetes Management

Blood glucose curve monitoring and interpretation in-clinic or interpretation of curves done at home.

Humane Euthanasia

End-of-life services to ensure that your pet's final moments are peaceful and pain-free.