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Our pets age on average seven times faster than people. Large breed dogs are considered seniors at 5 years of age, where as small dogs and cats are considered to be senior at 7 years of age. Since dogs and cats age more rapidly than people, major health changes can occur in a relatively short amount of time.  In fact, many life threatening conditions can worsen within a matter of weeks.  According to a recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine, wellness exams performed twice a year greatly improved the detection of illness before any signs are visible.  Early detection of any disease process is vital in our attempts as your Veterinarian to provide the best care possible so that your pets live longer healthier lives.


At Bayview Hill Animal Hospital, we have strongly endorsed this program and are recommending it to our clients.


Benefits of the senior care program:


Twice a year wellness exams can help us diagnose, treat and ideally prevent health problems BEFORE they become life-threatening. These exams provide an opportunity to discuss nutrition, behavior and other concerns you may have. It also helps your pet live a longer, healthier and happier life.


A senior care program is offered to all of our senior pets at a heavily discounted price. In order to qualify for this senior care program the following criteria must be met:


  • An annual physical examination performed within the last 6 months at our hospital with up to date vaccines.

  • A full senior wellness blood work performed within the past 6 months at our hospital


In our opinion, this program will help your pet live a longer and healthier life. As a result, we have heavily discounted our fees for both the six month wellness exam and the six month mini blood test to make it more affordable to you. The six month wellness exam will be charged at a 50% discount from our regular annual health exam. The mini blood test performed will also be very heavily discounted.


If your pet is exhibiting the following symptoms, please call the hospital for more information about this beneficial program currently being offered:

  • Losing weight

  • Difficulty chewing

  • Getting up slower and hesitant to jump up on furniture or go upstairs.

  • Drinking more water than usual or not drinking enough

  • Periodic bouts of diarrhea and vomiting

  • Decreased appetite etc., there is probably a reason for this other than attributing it to aging.


You wouldn’t wait seven years before seeing your family Doctor for a wellness check up.




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