OBESITY in dogs and cats

Obesity is defined as an excess of fat tissue in the body and is the #1 nutritional disorder in animals.

One of the most common ways to assess obesity in animals is by using a body condition score (BCS). 

Animals who carry excess fat tissue in their body are classified as either overweight (5-15%excess body fat) or obese (>15% excess body fat).

Common Diseases Associated with Obesity:

  1. Metabolic Disorders- ie. Insulin resistance/glucose intolerance

  2. Endocrine Disorders- ie. Cushings Disease, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes

  3. Orthopedic Disorders -ie. Osteoarthritis, Intervertebral Disc Disease

  4. Cardiorespiratory Disorders - ie. Tracheal collapse, Laryngeal Paralysis.

  5. Urogenital Disorders- ie. Bladder Stones, Urinary Tract Infections

  6. Certains Cancers- ie. Mammary and Transitional Cell Carcinoma

  7. Other Disorders- ie. High Blood Pressure

What Can I do to help my pet maintain a healthy and ideal body weight?

  1. Feed your pet the correct amount of food-ASK US to calculate food requirements for you.

  2. Restrict treats/table scraps

  3. Exercise/play with your pet

  4. Feed your pet a balanced diet suitable for their lifestage. ASK US what diet is right.

  5. Behavioural modification—ASK US for some tips on limiting begging behaviours.

  6. Routine Weigh-Ins—Come in for a treat and weigh in at no cost to you!

Risk Factors Associated with Obesity Include:  

1. Spaying/neutering decreases natural hormones found in the body that vamp up the metabolism                               

2.  Lack of activity: Taking your pet for walks and playing with them can help maintain an ideal body condition.

3. Certain illnesses (ie. Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Cushings Disease.

4.  Certain drugs such as steroid supplementation

5. Dietary Factors: It is important to fee your pet a balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs.

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