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We provide grooming for all dog breeds and cats , performed by an experienced certified groomer. If you would like your pet to spend a day at the spa being pampered, bathed, and massaged .please inform the staff on admission to our boarding facility.



You can enjoy your vacation knowing that while you are away, our team of animal care attendants will attend to your cherished family member. All dogs are taken outdoors and are supervised in a securely fenced yard thus allowing time for exercise and play.


We provide only the highest quality of pet foods. Your pet’s dietary needs will be looked after. Please inform us prior to arranging your pet’s stay of any prescription diets or medications that must be provided.


All pets will have a complimentary examination by our Registered Veterinary Technicians upon admission to ensure they are in good health. All pets admitted for boarding must have current, up to date vaccines and no fleas.

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